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We have helped many people and businesses with tax resolution services, to save thousands of dollars from the IRS. At this time the IRS is coming down hard on the American people. Many times the IRS is overstepping their bounds and ignoring your rights. They are not concerned about your situation or finding you tax debt relief, just that you pay up.

This is where we come in! We help you fight back with YOUR interests in mind. Our team are experts on the tax code/laws and help make sure that Uncle Sam is not taking what’s not theirs. We are also experts in finding ways to bring down your tax debt and many times even eliminating it!

The government is too big and our mission is to protect you from them. Give us a call and our friendly staff will help you through the process and find you tax relief.

We have been in the tax business since 1992, with a goal of helping individuals and businesses obtain protection from the IRS. We know that tax problems can be frustrating, time consuming and even scary. Our government has complicated the tax code immensely and has burdened its people. The tax on the working class and businesses is out of control. Our mission is to help you through this process with your interests in mind. As experts in the tax code, we can find ways to benefit you. We know this is your hard earned money and we don’t take that lightly!

We have team of highly professional individuals, that hold high levels of certifications to handle your situation. We have individuals with Master Degrees, Certified Tax Preparers, Enrolled Agents and others that can handle complex situations.

We are members of several prestigious tax organizations, which are only granted to tax relief professionals that are in good standing with the states that license them. Our professionals meet the high standard requirements prescribed by these organizations, and can handle your situation with confidence. (Members of: ASTPS, NATP, and CTRS)

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